Maintenance Staff

The maintenance staff are called in when you need something in your home repaired. For example, they deal with leaky pipes, re-hanging closet doors and some appliance repairs. They also handle repairs in common areas.

Request for repairs are only made through local Office Coordinator. Please do not contact Maintenance Staff, as it takes away from their current duties.


In the case of fire, medical emergency or a violent situation, please call 911. (Please ensure you call the after hours Maintenance also: 1-866-301-4072)

After hours Maintenance Emergency number for all housing units for Vancouver Island (such as flooding or fire):


Otherwise,  the Tenant shall promptly report to their local office any damages, unsafe condition, fault or deficiency in services.

How General Maintenance issues are dealt with:

  1. It is the responsibility of the tenants to advise the office immediately of any and all repairs that are required
  2. It will be determined as an emergency or as a maintenance request
  3. We will request permission to enter unit
  4. A work order is done up and placed on a list according to priority/emergency
  5. We in turn will dispatch a maintenance person to the unit
  6. We attempt to have any repairs done in a timely manner

Please also refer to your copy of the Tenancy Agreement.

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